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day three

last night was fun. a bunch of kids played halo and i played dance dance revolution. The kids that played it and i were really gettin into it. it's super addictive. i left my sunglasses there though, and almost freaked out later when i coulden't find them.

my legs are still sore, i got up, got ready and it was pouring by the time i got to the school. By then i realized i had forgot my water on top of losing my sunglasses. warm-up, boarded bus went to memorial gym to practice. that was crappy.
went back for lunch, dad brought me mc'donalds, so it was fucking fab, and lunch was really flippin hilarious with om and vivek. lots of drill. I hit lots of kids. I got real pissed for a minute. and pretty embarassed when they gave me advice over speakers. forgot half the work, and forgot where i was supposed to move from page 11 to page 16, i wasen't painted because i was on the edge of a tarp, but i figured out i was behind a triangle of three band kids.


jessi and i go to dollar store. i buy

a pair of stretchy pants for guard.

black mary janes with oriental print and fleece inside

black short ankle socks that dont show dirt.

for a toal of....14.84

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